Pioneer Cemeteries in Texas

I am excited to announce that I have a contract for a new book! The working title is Pioneer Cemeteries in Texas. It’s a big project, but so is Texas. According to the Texas Historical Commission (THC), our state has over 50,000 cemeteries. Of those, I’ll be looking at the cemeteries started in the 19th century and earlier, and I will only be able to include a fraction of those. What I’m interested in are those pioneer cemeteries and the people interred that tell a story about the settlement of Texas, a survey of the State’s most intriguing pioneer cemeteries. I am also interested in unique tombstones, gravesites, mausoleums, and funerary statues. I plan to include photographs of the gravesites and also of the individuals interred, if available. I’ll be including stories about the individuals and the graveyards. The cemeteries do not have to be designated a Historic Texas Cemetery by the THC, although many will be included. Contact me if you know of any interesting cemeteries in your region of the state.