Villarreal’s: A Historic Ice House

The hill country northwest of Helotes on Bandera Road seemed the perfect location for Manuel Villarreal and his wife Nora (Treviño) to fulfill their dreams. His dream was to own a business, and hers was to return to her hill country home.

The third of seven children born to Nestor and Guadalupe Treviño, Nora’s Helotes roots were deep, and she was related by blood and marriage to many of the early Helotes settlers, including the Martinez and Marnoch families. Her paternal grandparents, Pedro and Manuela Treviño, donated the property for Helotes’ first Catholic Church in 1908, which burned down in 1924; that land is now the Helotes Catholic Cemetery on Bandera Road. Manuela had inherited the land from her parents, Felipe and Carmel Torres, who were among the earliest ranching families in Helotes.

Nora, who was born in Helotes in 1918, and raised on the family farm, moved to San Antonio after eighth grade to complete her schooling. She graduated from Fox Tech in 1936.

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